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                                                        To Be Set Apart          

    26th July 2014

    Last Sunday was one filled with the presence of God and encouragement for those that came to worship at Agape Life Church (ALC), Mbezi, Dar es Salaam. It was Youth’s Day and the General overseers of the church Apostle Dr. Vernon and Senior pastor Dr. Anny allowed a youth from the Youth Department of the church to stand on the pulpit to preach in a service that was telecasted 'Live" by Agape Television Network (ATN) across the country. It was Bernice Fernandez who delivered an enlightening and powerful message titled: 'To Be Set Apart'.

    She began by saying that we must know that for us to be set apart we should incur a cost. Quoting scriptures from Mark 8: 34-38 she said we must take up our own cross if we really want to follow Jesus and by doing so Jesus will in return give us strength and ability.

    She gave an example of herself that after graduating her first degree she found herself in the midst of non Christians while at work in United States. She said majority of her co-workers were Atheists, Muslims and Hindus and they tried to discourage her of her faith by mocking her belief but she looked onto Jesus. She did not compromise with their way of living but rather she hold on her faith.  When she was mocked of her faith she knew she was incurring the cost of her faith as the scriptures provide in 1Peter 2:21

    She highlighted another meaning of being set apart as to overcome temptations.  She said that we Christians no matter what situation we are going through we should know that we are more than conquerors and say no to temptations.  Quoting from scriptures in Mathew 26:41, Bernice said that even Jesus while on earth He went through every kind of temptations. She gave another example in Genesis 39: 9, that Joseph was tempted by potiphar's wife but he said to himself “how could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God. She further said we should not be attracted to the things of the world.

    To be set apart is to know who you are in Christ, she added. As Christians we have to believe what God says we are. Once you know that God has chosen you then you can come out of that stronghold in your thought. You will say get behind me Satan, I’m not defined by you Satan but by God, she added.
    Picking her proof text from 1Peter 2:9 and 2Galatians 2:20 among others, she said we Christians have been crucified in Christ and that we no longer live but Christ lives in us. She encouraged the congregation that they have to know that they are valuable. Do not care about what people say about you because they are not of God, she said. You don’t need to compare yourself with other people, she added.

    Another meaning of being set apart is to take courage with the Holy Spirit. She said Christians should not worry as Jesus has overcome the world. Jesus says do not worry you are my child. Citing Romans 8 : 37-39, she said, God says we are more than conquerors and nothing can separate us from the love of God. God has given us the power to conquer this world. She told the congregation not to let the past rule them as they are now with God.

    Lastly she said to be set apart is to live by example. God says we need to set an example. In your speech, your life, in Love, in faith and in purity

    After preaching, Bernice prayed for the sick and many people were delivered from the chains of Satan and healed of their ailments. All Glory be to the Most High God! For testimonies click here.



       Do not be Discouraged by your Situation

    20th May 2014

    In obeying what Jesus said to His disciples in Mathew 9:37 that ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few’, the general overseers of Agape Life Church (Apostle Dr. Vernon and Senior pastor Dr. Anny) have been raising many God’s servants and send them out into His harvest field. One of them is pastor Alpha, who was given a chance to stand on the pulpit last Sunday to preach to the congregation and ATN viewers across the country.
    That aside, many worshipers who gathered at ALC witnessed the power of Holy Spirit at work as the Lord loosed people from all kinds of yokes. The servant of God, pastor Alpha, prayed for the sick and many people were healed of their ailments and delivered of evil spirits.  
    Pastor Alpha engaged the congregation with an inspiring message titled: ‘Do not be discouraged by your situation’. Quoting Romans 8 vs31 & 37, Exodus v 3 he said: ‘The greatest weapon of Satan is to discourage us so that we can give up’. Things like smoking, drinking, womanizing, taking drugs and many others are signs of being discouraged, he said. We are more than conquerors as our lord is greater than this world.
    He said Christians have suffered for so long and they should now rejoice as Lord says He has indeed seen their misery and would come to rescue them from the hand of their persecutors.
    He said God has blessed his people with land flowing with milk and honey and God is going to open their eyes so that they can see. God has prepared a good place for you but Satan lies to you that God has forsaken you. Satan has been persistently withholding your blessing for so long. But God is going to stretch his Mighty hand and strike your enemy, he explained.

    He said the problem of people today is that they are still imagining things of the past instead of taking a  a picture of where God has promised to bring us. Let’s learn from Job, he did not get discouraged but rather marched forward.
    Aided with a proof text from 1 Corinthians 2:9 Pastor Alpha said  we should take a good picture of the future as God says no aye has seen, no ear has heard no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.



     How To Commune with God

    4th May 2014

    This Sunday Agape Life Church members and ATN viewers across the country and Africa at large witnesses a wonderful healing service with a message from both Apostle Dr. Vernon and senior pastor Dr. Anny entitled “How can we commune with God”. Senior pastor Dr. Anny began to preach by saying the word commune comes from communion. Aided by many scriptures, she began by citing 1John1:3-7 as a proof text and said communion is to have fellowship with God and that a true fellowship is to have communion with the Father, son Jesus and Holy Spirit. She said when you have fellowship with the Father, son Jesus and Holy spirit your joy will be complete. ‘If you say you have fellowship with him and yet you walk in darkness, then there is no truth in you, you lie’, she added.

    How do we walk in the light? She asked…We walk in the light through His Word. His Word is light and if we do so there will be fellowship with him, she said.
    God calls us to have fellowship with him, to talk to him, to laugh with him to commune with him. Don’t just cry. If you as a Christian walk in the word you will become a light and when the world looks at you they will see light passing by.

    Dr. Anny gave the congregation a test by asking them “can a true Christian sin or not?”
    She began by saying “Yes, he can” and cited 1 John 1: 8-10. She said if we say we have no sin we lie to ourselves. But if we confess your sins he is merciful enough to forgive us.
    In addition she said for this reason Christians should however not dwell on sin and cited 1John 2:15-16 that says “do not love the world and the things in it because the one loves the world to love the father is not in him”. Lust of an eye, lust of the flesh and pride of life, all these are the things of the world, when you love them then light of God is not in you.

    Dr Anny continued to answer the above question by saying “No, a Christian cannot sin’ and she cited 1John 3:9 and 1John 5:18 that say who ever of Jesus do not sin, because God’s seed is in him.

    Having replied the question by both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers, Dr Anny challenged the congregation as to whether John was contradicting himself. It is apparent that 1John 1:8-10 on one side and 1John 3:9 & 1 John 5: 18 on the other hand says two different things.
    She then interpreted the scriptures by saying ‘what John says is that the one who is born again does not habitually dwell in sin, he may fall in to it but he does not practice it as a way of life/lifestyle’.
    If you are born of God you will not sin. Reading Psalms 119: 11  she said the word of God is light and when the light is in you darkness disappears.

    Later on, Apostle Dr. Vernon preached on the same message and said our communion is with the father and the son Jesus and Holy Spirit. Because the father is the light and in our life there is darkness, when we invite him he opens up our eyes and the darkness disappears.
    Reading Psalms 119:11 & 15 as a proof text, Dr. Vernon said the word meditate means fellowship. He said the Word of God is light and when it is meditated upon the darkness disappears. The moment you believe grace comes and when grace comes, darkness disappears. You cannot overcome this darkness without the Word of God, he added. That’s why if you are born of God you’ve to keep yourself.
    Meditation comes on when you hide the word in your heart. When you have fellowship with God you will have Joy even if you don’t have money, not married, no food on the table etc…you will have Joy. God knows how to give you joy.
    He says I will put your word in my heart also I will meditate your word.


                                                        How To Deal With Sin

    May 1st, 2014

    Last Sunday April 27th, Apostle Dr. Vernon delivered a powerful and inspirational message entitled ‘How to Deal With Sin’. He wanted everyone to know the heart of the Father by reading Ezekiel 33:11 to learn how He considers sin. He said God does not want anyone to go to heal as heal was for Saturn and his angles. So when a wicked man dies in sin God is not pleased. It hurts the heart of God for He does not want anyone to perish.

    He said you don’t remove sin by giving offering. It is only when you return back all what you have robed. When you repent and turn from your wicked ways then God doesn’t remember any of your sin. Sin is personal, he added.
    Reading Genesis 31:31 as a proof text, he said Rachel robed the gods of his father and his father did not find them at home. He went after Jacob and Jacob told Laban that whosoever you find with your gods let him not leave. . Rachel hid the images and Laban searched everywhere but he did not find them.  Then Jacob told Laban what is my trespasses that made you chase me like this. This means Jacob was unaware that Rachel had hidden the images.

    Only one person knows your bad things and that person is you. Jacob did not know Rachel hid the images and asked Laban what was his inequalities. Apostle said until we know sin is personal we will continue to hide behind others.
    He said 90 percent of our sin come from our mouth for the mouth speaks what is in the heart. Reading Psalms 39:1 he said a wicked will always come before you so that you can open your mouth, so we need to be very careful. When there is no sin in your heart you are bold like a lion.

    He rebuked leaders who robed people and said their money will not give them leadership this time. He said Tanzanians are poor, living below a dollar per day while the country is blessed with vast natural resources. He said to people in high positions that they cannot buy righteous by doing wrong deeds and rebuked them.


             Kill the Lamb to unveil the Lion

     Sunday, 20th, April 2014

    Last Sunday congregation at Agape Life Church and ATN viewers across Tanzania and the continent at large celebrated Easter with a message of hope from Apostle Dr. Venon entitled ‘Kill the Lamb to unveil the Lion’. Apostle Vernon said from the time Adam sinned people have been like a lamb. They don’t know what to do in their circumstances. They don’t have idea that there is a lion in them.
    The purpose of Jesus to go on the cross is because of the sin that came from through one person.

    Apostle Dr. Vernon further said we were supposed to go on the cross to pay for our sins but Jesus went there to pay for us. ‘Why did God raise Jesus from the dead’? He asked. Citing a proof text from Colossians 1 v 15 he said God raised Jesus from the dead so that He could become the first born of the dead. Unlike Lazarus and the daughter of Jairus who were raised from the dead and later died again, Jesus did not die after his resurrection, he said. Jesus was born in heal by God Himself, that is why death could not hold him.

    Reading 2Corithians 5v 17 as a proof text, Apostle Dr. Vernon said when Jesus was beaten on the cross he was paying for our sin; When he went to heal, we went there with him; When God was forming him as the first born from dead, we were in him.
    He said we are a new creature and that from now on we should not fear. We should celebrate that we are alive as God has broken the power that used to hold us down in the grave. “He raised us up together with Jesus, we should celebrate our resurrection,” he said. He led the congregation to pray to God that He will strengthen our inner being and made us lions that we may not fear any more.



    As it can be seen on the photos many people came to Agape life Church to worship God and celebrate the resurrection of the Sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ.


                                                                             Palm Sunday

     16th April, 2014

    Last Sunday Senior Pastor Dr. Anny engaged the congregation at Agape Life Church and ATN viewers with an inspiring teaching about Palm Sunday. Citing various scriptures from the Bible pastor Dr. Anny said Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy week and commemorates Jesus’ entering to Jerusalem with victory. 
    She further said the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem while sat on colt took place to fulfill what was prophesied in Zechariah 9:9. She said for Jesus to sit on the colt that had never been used by anyone else symbolizes the cleanness and purity of God and God wants the best.
    Upon entering Jerusalem Jesus entered the temple and drove out all people that were doing business there. He overturned their tables and said to them ‘it is written my house will be called a house of prayer’. She asked the congregation what Jesus would find in His temple if He would come today, as our hearts are His temple.  
    She said nowadays Christians go to church as hobby and it was time for the church to be cleaned up. “What is holding you back?” she asked, adding is it lust, stealing, bitterness or any other kind of unclean spirit? The time has come to overturn those tables, 'the thief should stop stilling today,' she said.
    Senior pastor Anny further said God is hungry and wants us to worship Him, citing the scripture in Mathew 21: 18 when Jesus hungered and went to a fig tree hoping to get fruits to eat but ended up cursing the tree after he realized there were no fruits.   Jesus wants us to worship him because he is worthy. After preaching Dr Anny prayed for the sick and many received their healing and deliverance. For testimonies click here.



              What is Worship?

     1st April,2014

     Last Sunday, Agape church members and all ATN viewers across the continent were blessed by a Heavenly message from senior pastor Dr. Anny. The message focused on what God means by the word 'WORSHIP' and how God wants us to worship Him. Senior Pastor said worship is declaring the worthy of God. She said we do not worship God in order to get something from Him, but to give God the honor that is due to Him.


    She said if we really knew God loves us we would automatically love and worship Him as worship is an encounter with God. Worship does not lead to meeting God but it is an encounter with Him.

    Backed by a proof text from Jeremiah 33:3, she said when we worship God we must have one agenda, that is to meet with God. God too has an agenda which is to meet with us.

    She asked the congregation about what their agenda would be if they were given an opportunity to meet with God? She said what we ask for, says a lot about ourselves.

    She gave an example from the Bible about Moses that he had an opportunity to ask for anything from God, but he did not ask for silver or gold like what most of us would ask. But Because Moses had a desire for something eternal, spiritual and far deeper he requested for 'A hunger for God' (Exodus 33:13)

    Moses asked God to Teach him his ways. He wanted to walk into eternity with God. He wanted to experience God in every day of his life. He realized that there was nothing on Earth to compare to the experience of being with God.


    She said most of us do not have the relationship with God.She said most of Christians say they are born again but are still struggling, murmur and complain. They have not experienced God.  They use their own mind to solve their problems instead of depending on God.

    She said our churches are full of people who think they know God but they really don’t know Him and do not worship Him. She said we worship our problems instead of God.

    She said we too should develop the desire to experience God just like Moses.If we want to see the presence of god we should stop living in sin and come before him with clean heart and he will give us strength. (Romans 6:11)

    When you worship him, his presence will consume everything that is not of God.Amen



             God Does not depend on Leftovers

     18th March,2014 

     Last Sunday we received a message from Apostle Vernon titled “God Does not Depend on Leftovers”. He preached that God does not depend on anything we have to make us what he wants us to become. He cited the story of Abraham when God told him get out of his father’s house. Abraham obeyed God and left everything behind and upon his arrival in the promised land God made him the richest man of his time.

    Using a scripture in Genesis 29 as a proof text, he further said that when Jacob ran from Esau, he did not carry anything with him and upon his arrival to Laban, he did not ask for free money, but rather he worshiped God, and God blessed him.

    Apostle Vernon said, although Jacob had two wives, the one he loved most could not bear a child until he worshiped God. God answered his prayer and gave him a child Joseph.
    Joseph’s brothers did not like him and sold him into slavery, but while in a foreign land he worshiped God and God blessed him and made him become prime minister of Egypt (Genesis 37:18-36).  Therefore, for us to be blessed we all need to worship God in Spirit and truth because God Himself is Spirit. He said the blessings of God make one rich and doe




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